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Guatemala: Democracy and the Empire - Written by Juan José Arévalo during the CIA's overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz, the "book as it had been conceived and realized had a mission to fulfill; a public protest. It is the constancy of the great farce that served as a veil for the crime against Guatemala; it is an attempt to punctuate the sarcastic North American transport of an alliance with communists to “defend democracy”, and testament to an American alliance with the Nazis to “defend democracy”. It is an invaluable document which does not contain a single statement without foundation. This book, highly controversial, of political intent- and in diplomatic language, can now have a place in history."

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The CIA Unmasked

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Passport 11333: 8 Years with the CIA

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Psychological War Against Latin America

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The 3 A and the CIA: Cordoba Accuses!

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Our America and Imperialism

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These documents are directly related to the CIA and the types of activities that were involved. 

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The term "Imperialism" is an important aspect of Latin American history, grounded in the activities of the United States. The books in this list are indicative of the literature in circulation at a seemingly volatile period in U.S. history.

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