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"The best safeguard against abuses in the future is a complete public accounting of the abuses of the past"

- Select Committee on Intelligence 3 August 1977-

The United States Constitution has withstood the ultimate test of time. No other body of legislation has imbued its' citizens with more power to demand justice as it brought an end to the monarchy, abolished slavery, cradled the Civil Rights Movement, and guarantees in perpetuity our fundamental right to freedom of speech.

The following excerpt was written in 1955 on the topic of colonialism; (1 YEAR AFTER THE COUP IN GUATEMALA)

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 2.24.20 AM.png

This was not written 500 years ago, or 200 years ago. More alarming is the contrast between "American position" and "American national conviction". Are they not one and the same?


Use our research as a valuable resource and study the history of the CIA in Latin America. The evidence supports a pattern of premeditated and intentional destabilization in the region. The United States government has gone to great lengths to convince the American public that EVERY organized action against a known militarized dictatorship was "communist inspired", that Cuba (the one that got away) is a "communist threat" to this very day, and the issues affecting Latin America are "self inflicted". Nothing could be further from the truth.

In classic CIA fashion, it has posted on it's website the following:

"We are the nation's eyes, ears, and sometimes, its hidden hand"

Latin American Historical Awareness Society of the Americas will pursue the following goals:


Stop the illegal 60 year blockade against Cuba;

Demand the release of ALL PBFORTUNE, PBSUCCESS, and US/ CIA propaganda for public review;

Call for open transparency on ALL CIA activities outside of "information gathering" (i.e. covert operations against governments) both past and present published with corresponding documents.


The Central Intelligence Agency has supported the killing of hundreds of thousands and the repression of millions in Latin America, which is impossible to attribute to anti-communism alone. The CIA in many instances has become synonymous with corruption, murder, and abuse of power. 


Join us and help bring justice to Latin America.

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